13 February 2019

EPS Year 4 enjoy a day at the British Wildlife Centre

Year 4 had a lovely day at the British Wildlife Centre learning lots of new things to help with our science work.  The sun was shining which meant lots of the animals wanted to come out and see us.  Today we saw some Scottish Wild Cats of which there are only 35 left in Britain. We also saw some 5 month old baby otters who had only just learnt how to swim.  Their mothers teach them to swim by throwing them in the water until they learn. We also saw the deer and met Albus Dumbledeer who is the head stag and has twelve girlfriends.  We were lucky enough to have a close up meet Flo one of the owls. The owls hearing is so sensitive it can hear the sound of us closing our eyelids.  Year 4 also enjoyed meeting Turbo a nine year old hedgehog who has lived at the centre for a number of years.  Year 4 were exceptionally well behaved and asked some very interesting questions.  They also demonstrated their excellent science knowledge by answering some very tricky questions.  What a great day!

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Published on 13th February, 2019

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