21 June 2021

EPS Marcus Rashford Book Club provides books for children

As a result of our ongoing link with Magic Breakfast we are pleased that we have been able to give brand new books to over 60 children this week.  The lucky children were each given a copy of Pooja Puri’s new book ‘ A Dinosaur Ate My Sister’.

Puri’s “laugh-out-loud”, fully-illustrated time travel adventure is the first title in the England and Manchester United star’s club. It kicks off a new series for children aged eight to 11 from the author, illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan, with further instalments in spring 2022 and 2023.

The Marcus Rashford Book Club is the latest project from Rashford who commented “For too long, the joy of reading has been restricted by whether or not a family has the contingency budget to purchase books. The children who often miss out are those on free school meals and users of breakfast clubs, who more than likely need fiction, and non-fiction, to escape reality from time to time. We haven’t been affording these children the option of reading for fun but that changes today.”

Rachael Anderson, head of schools at Magic Breakfast, commented: “Now more than ever, families are facing hardship and for too many it’s a struggle to put food on the table – these children often miss out on the joy of brand new books at home to own and re-read. We also know the benefits of breakfast in school extend further than filling hungry tummies, it is a special time that also enables children to build friendships, learn through play and sit and read a good book. We know children at our partner schools will be delighted to have a Marcus’ Book Club book of their own to take home and keep, and this will help inspire a new generation of children to discover the joy of reading.”

We look forward to hearing what the children think of the book and seeing what new title Magic Breakfast and The Marcus Rashford Book Club will bring us in the autumn term.



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Published on 21st June, 2021

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