22 May 2019

EPS- Comets learn how to make bread

This afternoon, Comets class had a cooking lesson from Chef Daniel.  We learnt all about bread and that bread was first invented by the Egyptians.  We also found out that America was the first country to create sliced bread.  Chef Daniel told us all about different breads around the world.  We then learnt how to make our own dough.  We put our flour into a bowl and made a well.  We then added a small amount of water in our well and added yeast, salt and sugar to different sides of the well.  Using our spoons, we made a dough by mixing the ingredients together.  After that, we had to knead our dough.  This was hard work and we spent five minutes stretching our dough to activate the gluten.  We then put our dough in to our boxes and covered them in oil to stop them sticking.  We now need to leave our dough to prove and have taken it home to make into bread.  Thank you Chef Daniel and a big well done to Comets class!

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Published on 22nd May, 2019

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