28 January 2020

CYP UPPER – Year 4 journey through the snow with Margaret Bateson-Hill

Yesterday, Year 4 were lucky enough to experience some wonderful writing workshops with our ‘Patron of Reading’ Margaret Bateson-Hill.  Margaret came in to help us with our work on our current Year 4 text ‘Ice Palace’.  She shared with us some soundscapes of the snow and ice so we could imagine what it would be like for Ivan travelling in these conditions.  We had great fun imagining what we would do in the snowy forest and who we might throw snowballs at.  Margaret then shared with us some images of wolves and we listened to them howling.  She then read us a beautiful non-fiction book about wolves to help us understand more about these animals.

We then had a wonderful time writing some stories.  Year 4 imagined what it would be like to be walking through the snowy forest and feeling the wolf staring at us.  Margaret showed us how to slow our action in our story down and how to create a contrast between the fun in the snow and the appearance of the wolf.

Thank you Margaret. Year 4 have produced some wonderful writing.

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Published on 28th January, 2020

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