10 October 2019

CYP Upper- The Romans visit Year 4

Today, Year 4 have been visited by two Romans who came to tell us what life was like for citizens and soldiers during the Roman era.  The children all arrived looking amazing in their best Roman attire at the start of what proved to be an excellent day.

We met Tiberius who told us about life in the Roman army.  He let us lift his kit bag which was really heavy.  We also had the chance to touch the armour which was made from over 20,000 separate rings and was very heavy.  We got the opportunity to perform a drill and took turns to be the army building the shield wall and the army attacking.  It was harder than we thought to build a wall with no gaps.

We then met an ex-centurion who had retired with a pension of £1.8 million pounds!  He had used this to build his own home and farm.  We found out about the Roman baths and the games and activities that took place there.  We also learnt about the difference between how rich and poor people lived.

The children asked some excellent questions and both our visitors were extremely impressed with their amazing knowledge, thoughtful questions and brilliant behaviour.  Well Done Year 4! We are so proud of you!

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Published on 10th October, 2019

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