16 July 2021

CYP Upper: The Reading Cafe Comes to Hawthorn

This afternoon Hawthorn Class had a “Reading Cafe” afternoon organised by Mrs Parker. This reward was for the class that made the biggest improvement in the amount they have read this term.  The class was set up with tablecloths, biscuits, squash, music and a roaring fire.  Children were able to bring books of their choice from home and were also able to have the first read of some exciting new books that have been purchased for the school.  There were even some “Blind Date” mystery selections for the children to unwrap and discover. It was so lovely to see all the children engrossed in new books and discussing their reading.

Thank you to Mrs Parker for all your hard work and organisation and congratulations to Hawthorn class for your excellent reading progress.

We look forward to including the reading cafe as a reading reward for other classes in the new school year.

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Published on 16th July, 2021

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