14 May 2021

All things natural in Year 4

Art-week had a foxy-focus in Year 4 as children gathered grass, loose leave and twigs from our field to help them to create pictures of one of our neighbourhood’s most prominent, if not best-loved, wild animals. The Fox! We’re sure you’ll agree that the results were both surprising and exquisite. Taking inspiration from the artists Daniel Mackie and Andy Goldsworthy, they first sketched the vegetation from close observation and then worked hard to perfect a realistic fox outline, building the body shape up, step by step.

In contrast, our Science work this week has not been so pretty. “Is fruit juice bad for your teeth?” we asked ourselves. What about milk or fizzy drinks? Working in small groups, the children used egg-shells to simulate teeth and cups of five different liquids to soak them in over a week. We carefully observed and recorded the results. Rest assured, children will be rushing to the bathroom to brush their teeth for the next few weeks.

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Published on 14th May, 2021

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