30 September 2021

WHJUN School Council Begins!

On Monday, the candidates for School Council, presented their speech and gave reasons as to why they should be voted for the position of House Captain. The speeches from the Year 6 children were full of enthusiasm and they all demonstrated great leadership qualities. Well done to all of them!

It was then that every child from every class had the opportunity to vote for who they thought would make the best leader (House Captain) for their team. These teams are Sparta, Corinth, Athens and Olympia.

On Tuesday the votes were counted and verified. We now had the final votes and the names hidden within an envelope. Cheers and roars echoed through the building as the votes were announced!

Each house team now has a new House Captain, Vice Captain and Monitors. Every child has become a fundamental part of the School Council and will work with Miss Sewell to generate ideas and organise events throughout the year.

We are very excited to see what ideas they come up with. Watch this space!!

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Published on 30th September, 2021

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