11 December 2020

Patrick Hutchinson Art Competition at WHJUN

Today at WHJUN we were joined by BLM hero, Patrick Hutchinson.  His first visit was virtual, but he returned to present prizes in the competition organised by his ‘aunty’ Christine (Christine Smith).  Here is some footage of Patrick choosing the winners and runners up – a very difficult task:

The runners up received a goodie bag which contained a signed photograph, a copy of Miss Smith’s art work (which you’ll find in Patrick’s book ‘Everyone Versus Racism’), a sketchbook and a pencil. The winners were thrilled to receive a UTCAI (United To Change and Inspire) t-shirt, baseball cap and a tote bag. Every class also received a large box of treats to say thank you and well done for their hardwork. All of the entries were amazing!! We have a very talented bunch of artists here at Whitehorse Manor Junior School.


It has been an absolute pleasure to meet Patrick in person and the children were delighted to meet our very own local hero. We will definitely stay in touch with Mr Hutchinson and I’m sure we will have  a visit from him again soon. Please take a look at some of the photos taken from today’s assembly/meet and greet.

What an inspirational man!

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Published on 11th December, 2020

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