04 July 2012

My day at London Zoo (by Jamiliah Oppong)

The first thing that we did was get a double decker coach.  Meteors were at the top and the other class was at the bottom.  I was in Zara’s mum’s group.  When we were there we saw one goat, two warthogs and three huge giraffes.

After that it was time for the penguin show so we went there.  There was a man and lady who asked for two volunteers and Jamiah was one of them.  He had to dress up as a penguin and everyone was laughing.  Near the penguin show there was the Butterfly Paradise and there were butterflies flying everywhere.  As soon as we got out of Butterfly Paradise we all said we were hungry so we found a place to eat and ate all our food.  Eventually we saw the reptiles and finally we got to go to the shop and buy stuff.

At the end we got back on the coach and went back to school and Anthony and Trevor were sleeping on each other.  Lastly we got to school and we all went home.  My favourite animals were the penguins and I really enjoyed it when Jamiah dressed up.

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Published on 4th July, 2012

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