26 March 2021

CYP UPPER – Year 3 and the power of imagination


Year 3 have been stretching their learning muscles this week by building the power of imagination. First, we travelled back in time to the stone age and produced some stunning cave art that was inspired by the Lascaux caves in France. We had to imagine what early humans would have seen in their daily lives and the techniques they would have used to create their prehistoric artwork.

In literacy, Year 3 have been reading ‘Matilda’ by the brilliant Roald Dahl. This week, we looked at the scene where Bruce Bogtrotter takes on the challenge of eating an enormous chocolate cake! We relied on our imaginations to describe what it must have been like to be forced to devour a giant cake because unfortunately, we could not eat the cake ourselves. Nevertheless, we created some fabulous descriptive work.

Ms Pumphrey and the Year 3 team

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Published on 26th March, 2021

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