01 October 2021

CYP Upper: We are planning for success!

This week we have been thinking about how planning can help us to be successful at a task. We know that it is scientifically proven that those who plan are more likely to be successful. We know that considering obstacles, time it will take, resources that will help and breaking the task down in to steps are crucial for providing a clear strategy for learning. We have also been treated to an amazing assembly on Reading and Building Learning Power. Beech class shared with how useful the learning capacities are when trying to improve reading skills and when simply enjoying a great read. They finished off with a nod to our Collective Worship theme of friendship by singing ‘Count on Me’ by Bruno Mars. It was lovely end to the week. A big thank you to Ms Prideaux and Miss Brewer and a big well done to Beech class for a fantastic assembly. Parents of Beech class can watch the assembly again on the class blog.

Rainbow Certificate Winners

Class Name Rainbow 1 Rainbow 2
Cedar James – for a lovely published piece taking extra care with handwriting. Kitty – for excellent reasoning in maths over the whole week.
Birch Louis- for your amazing perseverance when tacking challenges in place value. Amaya- for being an excellent role model and for being a kind and caring friend.
Lime Tyler – for trying really hard to manage his distractions and stay focused on his task. He has shown great resilience across all subjects! Meredith – for being resilient in maths when she found it tricky. She persevered to complete her tasks.
Hawthorn Alesha – for working hard and showing determination when rounding and  counting in 1000s in maths. Clara – for being consistently focused and working to a high standard in all subjects.
Rowan Rosie for challenging herself in maths and succeeding in rounding to the nearest hundred. Viola – for always thinking of others and demonstrating kindness in all that she does.
Hazel Tiago – for giving every lesson a 100% effort and managing distractions Maria – for persevering when rounding and trying different strategies to remind herself how to round.
Willow Austin – for writing some brilliant complex sentences in English and making skillful use of relative clauses. Willow – for making great strides in her knowledge of place value in maths.
Sycamore Erin – for always keeping a positive attitude and giving your learning 100% focus. Mujtaba – for always trying his best in our lessons and responding positively to teacher feedback.
Beech Conner – for persevering in Literacy and writing great sentences. Florence –  for working hard in Literacy –  carefully selecting the vocabulary she knew would be most effective.
Oak Alycia – for persevering and not giving up during maths. Felice – for managing his distractions during lessons and clearly thinking before answering questions.

Cypress Superstars

Our Cypress Superstars this week are: Meredith for a wonderful descriptive piece of writing using three ‘Words of the Week’. Keep up the creativity and effort Meredith! Elliot for creating a clear strategy for managing his distractions and Gianella for showing amazing perseverance in phonics work! Well done also to Felix who won the ‘Golden Lock’ tis week – keep cycling! Great job also to Gabriel who won the ‘Word of the Week’ competition, using the word ‘indignant’ correctly in a sentence. This week’s word is ‘bamboozled’; you have until Monday morning to get your entries in!


Many of you will know Ms Whiting, who works to support our Cypress children as part of the Inclusion team. She has been a dedicated member of our Cypress team for 6 years and has built great relationships with children, staff and parents. We are sad to share that Ms Whiting’s last day at Cypress will be next Tuesday. We will miss her dearly but she will hopefully be back in the future, in some capacity to support our Cypress children. Ms Whiting: thank you for all you have done for our children during your time with us; we wish you all the best and take comfort in knowing we will see you again soon!


Have a great weekend.


Mrs Carpenter & the Upper School team

Published on 1st October, 2021

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