06 November 2020

CYP Upper: First week fun!

Our children have started the half-term amazingly well and have been very busy employing all their learning powers to make great progress. Year 3 were absorbed whilst making a class poppy wreath for Remembrance day next week. Year 4 were writing a very detailed recount of Queen Boudicca. Alex in Lime class was exceptionally knowledgeable and noticed every detail of the class discussion about events in Roman Britain with the teacher and used this knowledge to give Mrs Carpenter a very thorough oral recount! Great job! Year 5 were involved in an awesome maths lesson, using their knowledge of mathematical concepts to articulate their understanding. Year 6 were managing distractions and creating vivid setting descriptions based on the book ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’. Check out our pictures below!

Have a great weekend!

Published on 6th November, 2020

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