14 May 2021


This week WHJUN have been celebrating art week. The theme for the week was all about NATURE! Every class has had the opportunity to go outside and explore the sights in nature. Year 6 even ventured out to Grange Park to sketch their surroundings. Each year group planned a different focus for the week:

Year 3 focused on the Stone Age and made pots out of natural materials.

Year 4- focused on flowers and animals in nature.

Year 5- focused on aboriginal artwork using pointillism and have made their very own Pegasus out of natural materials.

Year 6- focused on the Fibonacci sequence in nature.

I have been blown away by the beautiful and intricate pieces of art work that have been produced by the children in our school. Well done! We are looking forward to them going on display.

Ms Achenbach ended the week with a lovely assembly based on the artist Cesar Manrique, who lived in Lanzarote. His style is mainly characterised by the union of nature, art and architecture. He created a new concept which he called art-nature/nature-art. What makes his aesthetic special is the unique compositions he created by combining natural and unnatural elements. His home island of Lanzarote inspired him. If you have a spare 5 minutes, it is definitely worth watching the video of a tour around his house. It is amazing and very unique!

There are a few photographs to show you but please do keep your eyes peeled for the news stories from each year group.

Thank you,

Miss Tye

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Published on 14th May, 2021

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