16 July 2020

Year 2 transition to Whitehorse Manor Junior School

Dear Year 2 parents, in the absence of my usual transition meeting I would like to share with you a link to a narrated ‘Power Point’ regarding your child’s transition from the infant to the junior school.  For parents on the main site the link is here: https://my.uso.im/mydrive/58387567b8b741558785944510fe3c65/WHJUN-Main-Yr2-Yr3 For parents at Brigstock Road the link is here:https://my.uso.im/mydrive/27b28009ba9042ecb1cc57ed2ca87377/WHJUN-Brig-Yr2-Yr3  Have a lovely summer break and we look forward to meeting you all in September.  Ms Achenbach

Published on 16th July, 2020

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