21 May 2019

Human plants spring up in Year 2

Children in Year 2 have immersed themselves into their science topic this term by becoming sunflowers. Building on their learning about plants, they became human sunflower seeds and acted out their life cycle. Firstly, curled up balls, they imagined themselves as seeds in the ground before eventually expanding into full bloom. They then wiggled their fingers to show the scattering of their seeds before returning to position as a seed in the ground.

Meanwhile both Year 2 classes have planted seeds and beans inside pots as part of an experiment. Each class planted using two pots inside and two outside with one being regularly watered and the other kept dry. Shuttles Class’s beans have already started to shoot! (They are still waiting patiently for any sign of life in Satellites Class!)

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Published on 21st May, 2019

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