18 March 2019

BINF – Year 2 Visit the Home of the Terrible Tudor King

Last week we took a coach to the home of King Henry VIII! What a magnificent sight it was! We explored the kitchens, ‘The Great Hall’ and the chapel. It was absolutely breath-taking and unbelievable because we were actually walking through the home of one of the greatest king’s that ever lived. His home has decorated ceilings and wonderful portraits of this powerful king. The gardens are beautiful, being full of tall, green trees and several fountains. Year 2 were lucky enough to learn some Tudor dancing and we looked at Tudor artefacts which we had to sort into those that the rich would have had and those that the poor would have had. We had a fantastic day and learnt some amazing facts. Thank you to all the parents and carers who volunteered to help on this wonderful trip!

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Published on 18th March, 2019

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