23 April 2019

BINF – The Smelliest Man . . . Mr Twit

Year 2 were surprised when they got a visit from the smelliest man in the WORLD! YUCK! Mr Twit is from the story ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl. He came to our classes and explained that he has applied for a job in the school kitchens because he wants to play tricks on us. He does this to his wife and as he doesn’t like children he thought this is would be a way he would be able to trick them as well. The revolting man had dirt in his nails, rotten food in his hairy beard and he even ate his sticky boogies! The children wrote letters to Chef Lynne, demanding that she should not let him have a job in the kitchens or the children will have packed lunch. Luckily the children’s letters were sent in time and Mr Twit has not been seen in the school kitchens. One child said ‘Phew that was a close one!’

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Published on 23rd April, 2019

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