28 April 2018

BINF – Iron Man to the Rescue!

Year 2 have been reading the story ‘Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes for the past two weeks and each class has created their own Iron Man. During a maths lesson we measured our metallic giants using meter sticks and tape measures.   Amber class measured their robot at 2 metres and 20 cm tall and the height of the Iron Man Indigo class created was 2 metres tall. The tallest giant was in Lilac class and he was 2 metres and 40 cm tall. What a tall robot he is!
We pretended to be the colossal giant walking through the land, climbing cliffs, crawling through caves and diving into a mountain of scrap metal.  The children thought it would be a good idea to write instructions for Iron man to follow so that he would always be able to find his way back to the scrapyard.
We also wrote our own stories about Iron Man meeting Hogarth and some of us turned Iron Man into a superhero.   Have a read of our exciting writing!

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Published on 28th April, 2018

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