13 December 2018

Midwife crisis averted in the nick of time

To rapturous applause, Years 1 and 2 lit up the stage in an outstanding performance of ‘A Midwife Crisis’.  Enchantingly, we were told the story of a pair of midwives, who never missed an important birth.  Assisted by their bright yet untrusted donkey, Steve, the midwives come close to failing to reach Bethlehem for Jesus’ birth. 

On their bumpy journey, we meet a host of stars, kings, shepherds, sheep and even a couple of camels, all dressed in stunning costumes.  The catchy songs (which included sheep performing ‘Baa Baa Bethlehem’) were sung with full voices and it was hard to resist joining in with funky actions.  Congratulations on a scintillating show, Key Stage 1!

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Published on 13th December, 2018

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