26 April 2019

Guide dog treats EPS children

Year 1 have been learning all about their senses and today they were in for a real doggy treat.

Paul, who is blind, and newly trained guide dog, Star, surprised Year 1 with an array of fantastic tricks. She showed us how she is able follow a host of commands. This included, for example, ‘Paw’ where she would give him her hand in return for a treat.

Star plays an essential role in Paul’s life, effectively acting as his pair of eyes. When out and about, she knows where each shop is and stops as appropriate; she helps him get off buses, trains and even planes. Star helps Paul to cross the road safely by automatically stopping at each crossing. She then waits until she is absolutely sure that there is no traffic.

Star really does live up to her name, doesn’t she?



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Published on 26th April, 2019

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