01 May 2020

Friday Fun Quiz time again!

It’s Friday so it’s time for another quiz.  Well done to Nojus who sent in the best answer for last week’s quiz. If you missed it, have another look here.  Nojus, when we return to school, I’ve got a selection of books from which you can choose a prize.  The full answers were 1. Mrs Noone 2. Mr Winborn 3. Mr Spoerer 4.Mrs Farooqi 5.Mrs Roberts 6. Mrs Chapman 7. Mr Strutt 8. Mrs Marsh 9. Mrs Rose 10. Miss DeDuca 11.Mrs Scudder 12. Mrs Richards 13. Mr Sawh 14.Mrs Fisher 15. Mrs Keating and finally 16. Me (Mr Robins).  If you managed to get any more than 6 of those you did very well.

For a change it’s ‘ Spot the difference ‘ this week.  Have a look at these pictures of me relaxing at home.  They’re similar but (apart from the fact that I couldn’t sit still for the photos) there are actually 10 little differences between them.  Some are easier than others to spot but look closely and see how many you can get.  A good chance to apply your ‘noticing’ learning power.  You can send in your answers to your class blog or the home learning email and I’ll try to find prizes for those of you who get them right.  Have fun! Answers next week but until then…Stay Safe!


Published on 1st May, 2020

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