03 July 2020

Friday Fun Quiz – All around the World

Well done to everyone who took part in last week’s Football Badges Quiz.  We had quite a few responses with correct answers.  An impressive set of answers came from Eiliyah in Year 3 at Ecclesbourne.  She also had the joy of her team winning the league last week!  Here are her answers.

  1. Newcastle United            – The Geordies or The Magpies
  2. Liverpool FC                       – The Reds (My Favourite Team ?)
  3. Watford                               – The Hornets
  4. Norwich                               – The Canaries
  5. Manchester City               – The Sky Blues
  6. Bournemouth                   – The Cherries
  7. Manchester United         – The Red Devils
  8. Crystal Palace                    – The Eagles
  9. Tottenham Hotspur        – Spurs
  10. Everton                                – The Toffees
  11. Leicester City                     – The Foxes
  12. Sheffield United               – The Blades
  13. Brighton & Hove Albion – The Seagulls
  14. Arsenal                                 – The Gunners
  15. Aston Villa                           – The Villans
  16. Wolves                                 – The Wanderers
  17. Chelsea                                – The Blues
  18. West Ham United            – The Hammers
  19. Burnley FC                           – The Clarets
  20. Southampton                    – The Saints

This week we’re looking at some of the more unusual flags from around the world.  If you took part in the whole Trust flag challenge a few weeks back, you might have an advantage.  See if you can name the countries from the written clues first but if not, have a look at the picture clues below to help you.

1. Which country in The United Kingdom has a flag featuring a dragon?

2. Which East African country has a flag featuring a shield and spears?

3.  Most flags have 2 or 3 colours but sometimes known as The Rainbow Nation, this country has a flag with 6 colours.  Which country is it?

4. One of the world’s most populous countries, the flag of which country features a 24 -spoked wheel called the Ashoka Chakra?

5. Which county’s flag features an 11 pronged maple leaf?

6. Which country’s flag features a green cedar tree on a red and white background?

7.  Most national flags are rectangular and a few are square (both quadrilaterals) but which mountainous country has a flag that is an irregular pentagon known as a double pennon?

8. Featuring a simple red ‘sun’ on a white background, which country’s flag is commonly known as Hinomaru.

9. First adopted in 1954, which country’s flag features a five-pointed white star on a sky blue background?

10.  Which land-locked African kingdom’s flag features a hat known as a mokorotlo?

11. Featuring a gold bird flying over a golden, rising sun above blue and white waves, this island nation is in the Pacific Ocean.

12. Featuring a starry sky on a blue disc and the motto  “Ordem e Progresso” this South American country is better known for football than its flag.

If you want to stretch yourself, can you name the capital cities in all these countries?  Maybe you could find them out.  You can send your answers to the year group email addresses.  Enjoy the quiz.


Flag of Wales - Wikipedia Flag of Kenya - Wikipedia Flag of South Africa - Wikipedia
Flag of India - Wikipedia Flag of Canada - Wikipedia Flag of Lebanon - Wikipedia
Flag of Nepal - Wikipedia Flag of Japan - Wikipedia Flag of Somalia - Wikipedia
Flag of Lesotho - Wikipedia Flag of Kiribati - Wikipedia Flag of Brazil - Wikipedia


Published on 3rd July, 2020

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