28 June 2012

Exciting Start to the New Term!

We have had an exciting start to the new term! We have found out about how children live in different parts of the world and have written information about how their lives are the same as ours and are different to ours.

We were excited to find out that some of the children lived in places where there was rainforest – we visited Kew Gardens and wrote our own books about the rainforest last term.

During ‘Arts Week’ we researched different countries in Europe. This meant that we could try new foods; find out about different ways to dance; create pictures in the style of famous artists and make models of famous buildings in those countries.  We are all very excited about the Olympics and had a great time dancing along to the mascot dance during our Olympic Procession. We are designing and describing our own Olympic mascots!

Maths is very exciting! We have practised our measuring skills by holding a ‘Mini-Olympics’  and are going to make a graph to show how good we are at running, jumping and throwing!

We are really looking forward to starting our topic on Pirates – we’ll need to make a treasure island and a raft for the pirates. How will we create our stories?

Soon we are moving on to year 2 – more exciting learning!

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Published on 28th June, 2012

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