18 June 2021

CYP Lower – Morden Hall, minibeast hunt and other adventures!

Apart from having to decide whether its a day for sun cream and sunglasses or time for our wellies, mackintoshes and umbrellas, this week has been BRILLIANT!

Year 2 went on a wonderful trip to Morden Hall.  Here is an excellent recount of the day’s adventures written by Lily Duff in Ruby class

I want to share with you the Trip to Morden Hall. We had so much fun!! We learnt all about minibeasts and seeing them in their natural habitat.  We did lots of walking and had to search around for mini beasts.  When we found a minibeast we we put it into a little pot so that all the class could take a look and notice the different parts of its body.  It was very interesting learning about all the different minibeasts, where they live and what they eat too.  After our lovely packed lunches, made by the school cooks, we got to play in the beautiful gardens at Morden Hall before setting off back to school. 

There has also been some wonderful learning about minibeasts in Reception.  In their classes the children have observed, in amazement, as their caterpillars who have been living in our  classrooms have suddenly changed… the children have noticed that the caterpillars stopped eating, and then decided to hang upside down from the lid of their container. The caterpillars then spun themselves a silky cocoon or chrysalis. The teachers have explained that within their protective casing, the caterpillars are radically transforming their bodies.  We think that the caterpillars will eventually emerge as butterflies just like in “The Very Hungry caterpillar”.  We will keep you posted in next weeks post. We hope that you like our photos.

Book Fair – 22nd June-2nd July​

Our Book Fair arrives next week!  We have had to make a number of adaptations in order to hold the Fair in a safe way and these include:

  • ​one year group visiting the Fair per day over 2 weeks
  • ​all payments placed online

The Book Fair is an ideal chance for children to see a range of new and recently published books, and enables us to promote the enjoyment and excitement of reading. There will be special offers, including a 3 books for 2 offer, and every book sold earns us a book for school! ​

When the children visit the Book Fair during school time they will be able to complete a ‘wish list’ and bring it home. On the reverse side will be the order form with instructions on how to pay online. When you pay online you will be given a payment reference which must be put onto the order form which is returned to school. The deadline for all orders is Friday 2nd July 4pm.

You may now start to browse the books (and order) that will be available in the Book Fair. Please use this link: https://www.pegasusacademytrust.org/media/Cypress-Primary-Book-Fair-order-form.pdf

We hope you will use the Book Fair to treat your child/children to new books to enjoy over the summer, and to support the school to earn new books for school! Happy reading!

Summer camps

Some parents have been asking for links to summer schools as we are unable to provide our own summer camp this year. Unfortunately for the last two years we have run a summer camp at Cypress as we had over 40 parents saying they wanted this provision, however when it came to booking we didn’t have a big enough uptake. Parents tended to only book Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays which resulted in the school making huge losses.  Here are some excellent providers online tools for parents. I hope that this information is helpful.



Family Space Croydon is a searchable online tool for parents, professionals and volunteers, pulling together a wide range of information about children and family services within Croydon.



Gentle reminder – Please can I remind parents / carers that any food that comes into school must not contain nuts of any description – thank you 

We hope that the rain goes away for another day and we have some sunshine this weekend. Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Mrs Roberts

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