13 May 2021

CYP LOWER – Indigo Class Artists at the Lakes!

On Tuesday, Indigo Class had a fantastic outing to South Norwood Lakes as part of Art Week at Pegasus. Indigo Class have been studying Weeping Willow trees as part of a Cypress focus on different trees in our local area. We were blessed with beautiful weather and we walked to the Lakes to undertake close observational drawings of the Weeping Willow trees, which stood proudly by the lakeside. We looked really carefully at the wonderful gnarled patterns on the bark of the trees and the graceful way the branches and leaves hung down.

We made sure that we sat or lay in a comfortable position so we could see the trees clearly and drew them in a really focused way. Everyone had the opportunity to feel the rough texture of the bark and to touch the soft and light leaves.

We did some amazing drawings to start off our larger scale project and had great fun in the process!

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Published on 13th May, 2021

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