10 September 2018

BRIG-Writing to the Mayor of London

Whilst most of us relaxed over the summer break, two young ladies from Year 6 decided that they wanted to share their concerns about the growing issue of homelessness in their local community with the Mayor of London, Shadiq Khan.  Not only did they share these concerns but they also sent detailed proposals for developing small, basic homes for people who find themselves sleeping rough on the streets at night.  Both girls were pleasantly surprised when the Mayor of London sent them a reply that detailed his own plans to tackle homelessness in the Capital.

It is lovely to see two conscientious young ladies trying to raise issues and make positive changes, for others, in their community.

Plans are already afoot to organise a Brigstock bake sale to raise money for the charity Shelter.  Watch this space!




Published on 10th September, 2018

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