01 October 2021

Superheroes R Us!

Today we bid a fond farewell to a Whitehorse legend and superhero – Ms Christine Smith.  Her creative endeavours have been a real inspiration during her time with us and she will forever remain a friend to Whitehorse as she leaves us to work on creative projects and lead enterprise teaching at Legacy Youth Zone.  Her parting gift was to set the children a competition to design a well-being superhero, with prizes supplied by The Institute of Wellbeing in recognition of work that she is doing in the community to help young people develop a postitive sense of self.  We had winning entries from each of the year groups and two runners up, who introduced us to Super Resilience Boy, Afro Girl, Focus Girl, Adjective Girl, Captain Incredible and Ms Smith Girl.  Well done guys and we will miss you Ms Smith.

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Published on 1st October, 2021

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