17 December 2019

Angelic Chorus

The Choir have had a busy festive season and have been wowing the public at every appearance. They have entertained the elderly in several Care Homes and raised money for the Children’s Literacy Fund through performances at the Whitgift Centre and Tesco in Thornton Heath. But my favourite story happened on the bus. Never one to waste an opportunity to practice, Mrs E had them arranged on the bus on their way to Croydon and got them singing. I was told that the whole bus fell silent whilst listening to them and then passengers on the bus started donating to the bucket! It’s the first time we’ve sent the Choir busking on public transport, but maybe this is the way forward in our festive fundraising! Well done to our Angelic Chorus and their glorious leader, Mrs E.

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Published on 17th December, 2019

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