13 July 2018

Upper School – The Great Cypress Art Exhibition

We have thoroughly enjoyed art week this year. Children worked with their teachers to create something inspiring and exciting and they did not disappoint! We had amazing light boxes in Year 3. We had to walk into a dark room where silhouettes of cavemen and dinosaurs lit the way. There was an amazingly beautiful floral exhibit by Year 4, along with some handmade modroc masks fit for a Venetian carnival! A large sound system created by Rowan class helped set a party atmosphere in the garden.  Horse Chestnut class created dream jars with models inside representing their hopes and dreams for the future. Sycamore showed their edgy sparkle graffitiing the display boards with their unique tags, whilst Hazel class created an intricate origami rainforest! Willow made the an awe inspiring book with escaping butterflies and the faces of our fabulous students in Willow class. Year 6 has put on a wonderful carnival inspired art exhibit with handmade masks and headdresses. What a fantastic exhibition! Thank you to all the parents that came along to view our beautiful artwork and a tremendous well done to our wonderfully creative students!

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Published on 13th July, 2018

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