15 June 2018

Upper School – Oak Class Assembly

This morning, we were given a veritable feast of Shakespearian monologues based on the tragic play, Macbeth. The quality of writing and the confidence of delivery was exceptional. We also saw three very talented actors reenact the famous witches scene, where we meet the ‘wyrd sisters’  in foul weather as they chant a spell, set the scene and introduce the themes of the play. Oak class then went on to share their work on the Shang dynasty and the use of oracle bones, we also heard about Lady Fu Hao a very powerful warrior, and the wife of Emperor Wu Ding. She was known to both participate in religious ceremonies and fight as a general in many battles. They then sang  a very funky, quick history of the Shang Dynasty, with a rap solo performed by the very talented Nahjuah! Well done Oak class, what an interesting, informative and fun assembly!

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Published on 15th June, 2018

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