15 June 2018

Upper school – Iguanadon Visit!

We had a visit from an Iguanadon today and were transported back to 1853, New Year’s Eve.  Crystal Palace Park dinosaur builders were preparing for a sumptuous banquet inside the concrete mould of an iguanadon. As we learned the story of ‘Iggy’ the iguanadon, historical characters emerged and we met the finders of famous fossils and early ‘undergroundologists’ of England. During this time, dinosaurs were very hot news; their discoveries were patronised by the rich and discussed by the famous! As the story unfolded, the characters competed for fame and laid claim to the biggest and most famous bones. The bones they unearthed posed new questions that shook society!  What an informative theatre visit about the history of our local area! Thank you to our visitors, we loved the show!

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Published on 15th June, 2018

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