13 June 2019

Tower of London Yeoman visits Cypress!

On Tuesday, we were visited by a Tower of London Yeoman Warden (his full title being Yeoman Warder of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London, and Members of the Sovereign’s Body Guard of the Yeoman Guard Extraordinary). We were very excited – especially after our Y5 visit to the Tower of London last half-term. He discussed how the tower had been used to punish criminals over the centuries and also shared some famous names that had entered the tower and were never seen alive again! He also told us that at least 6 ravens are kept at the Tower of London at all times, for superstitious reasons. The flock of resident ravens even includes a ‘spare’! Each raven has a wing clipped to make sure they don’t fly too far from home. The legend says that if the ravens ever left, the Tower would fall, hence the spare!  A special thank you to Mrs Demwell for helping to organise this visit. It was informative and great fun!

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Published on 13th June, 2019

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