03 April 2020

Reading in Year 4: Varjak Paw Chapter 6

Hello “Year Paw” book group and today we welcome Ms. Bitata who will be reading Chapter 6 of the book for you.  Chapter 5 was really gripping with Varjak trying to escape the gentlemen’s sleek black cats and get to the wall to head outside.  Elder Paw was doing a fine job holding them off but how long can he keep this up? This will be our last chapter of Varjak Paw until after the Easter holidays when will we continue.  Use the time to make sure you have listened to all the chapters and are up to date with the story so far!

Today I received a fantastic sketch of the sleek black cats on my class blog.  Well done Kenzo in Hawthorn class for this lovely work.

As you listen today, think about the different emotions and thoughts that could be going to through Varjak’s head as he sits on top of the wall deciding whether to go outside.  How does he feel watching Elder Paw trying to fight off the sleek black cats?  So now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy today’s new chapter of Varjak Paw.

Stay safe everyone.

Miss Binks and The Year 4 team

Published on 3rd April, 2020

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