08 January 2021

Pegasus returns with online learning

Following a hectic few days of government announcements and staff preparing for the start of a very different spring term, Wednesday 6th January finally saw The Pegasus Academy Trust take the vast majority of its learning online.  Through the autumn term everyone across the Trust was working hard to develop our online learning offer and prepare the children.  Staff have been developing their skills with Google Meet, Looms and updating Blogs.  Children have spent their ICT lessons practising how to post to blogs and access Meets.  On Wednesday morning, all the effort came to fruition.  Nearly 1500 children, managed to log on and join in with online learning through over 140 Google Meets.   There was also a vast array of live lessons, bespoke narrated lessons and links to all sorts of online resources.  It was great to see so many children accessing the learning and engaging with their blogs and we are confident that we will build on the numbers joining in over the next few days.  If you are unsure of how to get online, then find all the necessary information here.

Our efforts to support children’s learning at home have also seen a massive push to get laptops out to those families who are unable to access the learning at home.  So far we have distributed 340 Chromebooks to those in the most need across the Trust.  These loans will allow children with no access to technology to get online and learning.  We have also issued some dongles and we are awaiting a further deliver of Chromebooks that we will be able to offer to our last few remaining families who still don’t have any access.  After that, we will start to look at providing additional devices to families where there are lots of children trying to learn at home.

In the autumn term, as well as ensuring the children were technologically ready, we introduced our reconnection curriculum to help the children come back to school.  One of the key strands of this curriculum was a focus on Resilience.  Children across the Trust were taught discrete lessons focusing on how to cope with challenge and adversity.  The children learnt how to persevere and manage their distractions when learning as well as other important learning powers.  We all recognise now how important these skills will be as children return to working at home.  Sometimes it won’t be easy but we have certainly moved on since the first lockdown and we can all take comfort from the fact that at least we’ve been through this before.  We were all amazed at the resilience demonstrated by the children when they returned in September and we know that they will bounce back in to school whenever that may be.

In the meantime, we will continue to develop our online learning offer (we have already seen some teachers innovating and sharing new ideas this week) and maintain daily contact with children so that they still have a sense of routine and being a part of a class and school community.  By working together, with you ensuring that your children are engaging everyday, at their computers dressed and ready to learn at 9:15AM, we can limit the impact on your child’s learning of this latest lockdown.

Don’t forget that all the online platforms we subscribe to, including a new one for KS2 children ‘Read Theory’ can be found on our online learning page here.

Thank you for all you are doing.

Published on 8th January, 2021

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