02 April 2020

YR1-Learning about length and height

Why not introduce this week the concept of comparing lengths and heights using language such as shorter, longer, taller, shortest, longest, tallest, same length, same height?

Key Questions: Can you compare the length of 2 objects? How will you do it? How do you know it is shorter/longer? How can you order the objects by length? Which object is the shortest/longest?

Once secure, you can move onto measuring the length or the height of everyday objects using non-standard units such as pencils, spoons, rubbers, paper clips, then introduce the ruler and standard units e.g. cm.

We have included some simple measurement activities that you can adapt in the home context. There are also some reasoning activities and a problem with its guidance notes.

We will move to capacity next week.

Published on 2nd April, 2020

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