28 March 2020

YR1 and YR2-Young writers competitions

There are two great creative writing competitions open to 5-7 year-olds at https://www.youngwriters.co.uk/competitions/KS1. You can submit independent entries until Thursday 30th April directly on the website. The first competition is called ‘My first acrostic Animal adventures’ and the second one ‘Silly school trips’.

We have enclosed the full competition packs together with independent entry forms, writing tips and support presentations.

Videos of authors and illustrators discussing their inspiration can be found at https://www.worldbookday.com/share-a-million-stories/

Why not also take the time to watch some of Michael Rosen’s non sense poems at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt28bVw0xYw ?


Published on 28th March, 2020

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