01 November 2018

Year 6 step back to the Stone Age!

This week, Year 6 children across the Trust had the opportunity to step back into the Mesolithic Age. Two cave people, who had set up camp on the Whitehorse playing field, introduced the pupils to the skills of flint-knapping, axe-head polishing and even skinning animals! They also had the opportunity to handle authentic, handmade tools and weapons, and examine artefacts that were hundreds of thousands of years old. To top it all off, they were shown how to make a fire using only flints and tinder. The reason for all this was to introduce the children to Stone Age life in preparation for their next literacy unit based on the book ‘Wolf Brother’ by Michelle Paver. It was an amazing, immersive experience that all the children thoroughly enjoyed.

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Published on 1st November, 2018

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