16 March 2020

Year 6 materials for home study

As per the Government’s advice on self-isolation, we understand that many of you will be eager to keep your child safe at home.  However, we also understand that you would also like your child’s education to continue in preparation for the end of KS2 examinations (which are currently due to go ahead as planned during the week commencing Monday 11th May).  If you do decide to self-isolate, we have compiled a list of resources below which you and your child can visit for support with your home learning.  Please ensure that your child continues to read everyday, as well as completing their Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars.  We will continue to add revision material so watch this space!


SATs Style Maths Arithmetic Questions – we have attached below sets of questions covering all the areas in the arithmetic test.

You can find instructional videos on how to solve arithmetic problems according to our calculation policy here: https://www.pegasusacademytrust.org/curriculum/mathematics/calculation-videos

SATs Style Maths Reasoning Questions – click on the links below to access questions online.  You will also have access to the mark scheme which will give you guidance on how the questions should be answered.


Addition https://jeveieg.exampro.net/

Subtraction https://tasuoiu.exampro.net/

Multiplication https://nufiwif.exampro.net/

Division https://buuuway.exampro.net/

Inverse Operations https://natykop.exampro.net/

Order of Operations (BODMAS) https://qyludyx.exampro.net/

Factors https://xaiykiy.exampro.net/

Multiples https://givyien.exampro.net/

Roots and Powers https://kuxeeub.exampro.net/

Prime Numbers https://xibynuz.exampro.net/

Place Value https://cereriw.exampro.net/

Roman Numerals https://xexodue.exampro.net/

Number Sequence https://coqieej.exampro.net/

Negative Numbers https://ialapes.exampro.net/

Rounding https://nubogio.exampro.net/

Money https://myyamun.exampro.net/

Fractions https://pamehyd.exampro.net/

Decimals https://zygohuy.exampro.net/

Percentages https://folayay.exampro.net/

FDP Equivalence https://kereqiu.exampro.net/

Ratio https://uameuoo.exampro.net/

Algebra https://yevivox.exampro.net/


Length, Mass and Capacity https://neaobyd.exampro.net/

Perimeter, Area and Volume https://qejueid.exampro.net/

Time and Timetables https://leaewow.exampro.net/

Temperature https://hakepyp.exampro.net/

Angles https://gypafik.exampro.net/

Circles https://iygovof.exampro.net/


Charts and Graphs https://nukuwea.exampro.net/



SATs Style Reading Comprehensions

The Park https://joiovac.exampro.net/

Fact Sheet About Bumble Bees https://mogujum.exampro.net/

Grannie Poem https://einevoq.exampro.net/

Charlie Small https://yenykiq.exampro.net/

Guide Dogs https://nuzucav.exampro.net/

Whales https://beoikeo.exampro.net/

Dear Norman https://wezipob.exampro.net/

Quiet Heroine https://doeytab.exampro.net/

The Lost World https://gemuooh.exampro.net/

Wild Ride https://posyfur.exampro.net/

The Way of the Dodo https://iymexed.exampro.net/

Caving – What Lies Beneath https://xuqosyw.exampro.net/

Evelyn Glennie https://mokutup.exampro.net/

Space Tourism https://oiqebor.exampro.net/

Giants Poem https://nyiexut.exampro.net/

A Donkey in Corfu https://caeehor.exampro.net/

The Sand Horse https://wueeqyq.exampro.net/

California’s Unlikely Warriors https://wosojij.exampro.net/

Art in Nature https://pylinao.exampro.net/

Music Box https://kuuiwek.exampro.net/



Please find attached below 50 creative writing ideas.

You can also use these websites to help inspire writing ideas:






SATs Style Grammar and Punctuation Questions – we have attached below sets of questions covering all the areas in the grammar test.  The answer sheet has been provided as well.

Click on the links below to access questions online.  You will also have access to the mark scheme which will give you guidance on how the questions should be answered.

Word Classes https://uojezym.exampro.net/

Functions of Sentences https://safigil.exampro.net/

Clauses and Phrases https://gidumom.exampro.net/

Verb Tenses https://vofyqok.exampro.net/

Punctuation https://qahyour.exampro.net/

Vocabulary https://cimehoe.exampro.net/

Formality of language https://xoripas.exampro.net/



Here are some additional websites that you might like to visit:




In order to use the following resources, you have to register but this is free to do:






Published on 16th March, 2020

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