17 January 2019

Year 6 Explore the British Museum

Year 6 journeyed to central London to visit the British Museum as part of our Thematic work on Ancient Greece.  The children have been having a great time learning about “Greece is the Word” and the British Museum provided the perfect destination to further whet their appetites.  Inside the museum, some of the children were lucky enough to spend some time investigating the Parthenon using an interactive game on tablets.  This allowed them to really visualise what Athena’s temple would have looked like in its heyday.  Other highlights included identifying scenes from Greek mythology in the designs on vases and exploring objects that illustrate areas of life in ancient Greece such as household furniture, religion, trade and transport, athletics, war, farming and many more.  We were also fortunate enough to have the time to explore some of the other areas of the collection including those that the children had studied in previous years.

Published on 17th January, 2019

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