22 March 2021

Year 6 Come Face to Face with the Minotaur!

This term, year 6 have been learning all about the origins of one-point perspective drawing, an idea originated in the 1400’s by an architect named Filippo Brunelleschi.  They have then used this drawing skill to create one-point perspective pictures of rows of Grecian columns for their Thematic book front covers.

Year 6 has also been looking at how to draw using proportion accurately and used this skill to draw the fearsome Minotaur to live in their rows of Grecian columns.  We hope that you enjoy these examples.

Minotaur 1 Minotaur 7 Minotaur 6 Minotaur 5 Minotaur 4 Minotaur 3 Minotaur 2 Minotaur 20 Minotaur 19 Minotaur 18 Minotaur 17 Minotaur 16 Minotaur 15 Minotaur 14 Minotaur 13 Minotaur 12 Minotaur 11 Minotaur 10 Minotaur 9 Minotaur 8

Published on 22nd March, 2021

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