03 March 2017

Year 6 at the Natural History Museum

The children in Year 6 have been learning all about 'Evolution and Inheritance' in their science lessons.  On Tuesday 28th February and Thursday 2nd March, the children in Year 6 went to the Natural History Museum.  They took a trip back in time to learn about extinct animals (including dinosaurs!) as well as investigate fossils, skeletons and many other exciting exhibits.  The children were amazed to see the scale of some of the animals and how things have changed over time.  

In the afternoon, the children were given the opportunity to take part in an evolution workshop.  They were able to ask lots of questions and took part in practical investigations.  

The children returned to school with lots of new facts and information to help them with their science work.  What a fantastic day!

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Published on 3rd March, 2017

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