18 October 2017

WHJUN visit to the Crystal Palace

Year 3 at Whitehorse Manor Juniors visited the historic site of the Crystal Palace at the park of the same name. There was plenty to learn and experience and the children really enjoyed the day.

After a short bus ride to the park, we saw the site of the original building that had relocated from Hyde Park where it had hosted the Great Exhibition of 1851.

We also visited the Victorian dinosaur models which were created by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins from his discussions with the National History Museum in the 1800s. The children particularly enjoyed re-creating the terrifying body language and facial expressions of the dinosaurs for some entertaining photos. We will be learning more about these dinosaurs in Literacy after half term.

There was also a chance for the children to play in the play park where they discovered dinosaur fossils in the sandpit and balanced on dinosaur eggs and skeletons.

When the children returned to school, they created a recount using photos from the day and shared them with the class.

A lovely trip that the children should remember for a long time.

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Published on 18th October, 2017

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