16 March 2017

Whitehorse Manor Infants Year 2- Spring term so far!

This term so far has been busy for the year two children at Whitehorse Manor Infants.  Just before half-term we were lucky enough to go and visit Hampton Court Palace, one of Henry VIII's palaces as part of thematic topic.  We visited the Tudor kitchens, his banquet hall and his beautiful gardens- where we even spotted some swans! We also took part in a workshop led by Lady Mary Beth.  She told us all about the Tudor times, showed us some artefacts that were over 500 years old and taught us a Tudor dance. 

In literacy we have been looking on a superhero story called 'Traction Man'. However somebody kidnapped him from our classrooms so we invented our superheroes that went on a mission to help save Traction Man.  We wrote brilliant stories about our new superheroes and the adventures they went on. 

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Published on 16th March, 2017

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