30 November 2020

WHINF – Year 2 – No Pens for Us!

Last week in Year 2, we took on the challenge of having a day at school without using a pen or pencil.  Purple Class weren’t sure how much they would like it but decided that it was one of the best days at school, when it came to an end! They enjoyed talking through and acting out their facts about Henry VIII, finding that when they wrote their fact file the next day it was easier to write their fabulous ideas down.  The class had fun in all the lessons and didn’t want their maths challenge to end even though it was lunchtime.

No Pens Day is a national day that promotes the development of our communication skills, especially focusing on our speaking and listening. These are really important skills to have and can help us with all the other skills that we learn at school.

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Published on 30th November, 2020

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