12 March 2020

Trip to St Albans

We were very fortunate to enjoy a special visit to St Alban the Martyr (our local church) where a group of our children had prepared a range of questions to ask our new Vicar, Fr Sean Gilbert. Fr Sean did an admirable job answering questions as diverse as ‘Why did you chose this job’, ‘Why do people believe in God?’ and ‘Why did God make the world?’ – you need to be pretty confident in your knowledge of theology and philosophy to answer questions like that off the cuff! It was a wonderful learning experience for all and a great opportunity for the children to learn more about St Alban and to get a good look around the beautiful church building. Well done to Mrs Dyges for organising the trip and to the children who came with us as their behaviour was impeccable. We look forward to more visits in the future.

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Published on 12th March, 2020

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