12 February 2019

The Theory of Evolution

Ms Achenbach writes: What a lovely trip to the Natural History Museum with 6S today. It’s been a long time since I’ve visited and it was great to see the revamped exhibits on display, although I miss Dippy the Diplodocus (he’s on a national tour until 2020). This was a visit to find out about evolution for an upcoming science topic, but surely you can’t visit the NHM without a stop in the earthquake zone or seeing the dinosaurs? After a whirlwind tour of these ‘must see’ exhibits, we set off to meet our science educator, Anthony, who was going to tell us all about Darwin’s theory of evolution through the process of natural selection (phew!) Having sorted fossilised feet to suit habitats (yes, that really is a thing!) it was time to demonstrate natural selection using seeds and different sized tongs as beaks. This was a great lesson – the best practical activity that I’ve seen yet to demonstrate this process to children. After lunch it was time for the shop (yay!) and, following a pep talk on avoiding buying over-priced sweets, the children left with a great assortment of shark teeth, rocks, 3D posters and rubberised creatures. I’m sorry about the creatures. Some of you will no doubt be meeting them soon. Compliments from the general public on exemplary behaviour were a further bonus as was meeting up with Cypress and EPS pupils. I hope the children enjoyed their day as much as I did.

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Published on 12th February, 2019

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