15 July 2021

The Circus Comes to Year 6

Yesterday, the Year 6 children enjoyed performances by three wonderfully talented artists.  First up, we had our very own cheerleader (she is also a Teaching Assistant at Ecclesbourne School) who dazzled us with her crisp routine and huge acrobatics.  She then taught us a few moves so that we could all have a go at cheerleading.  This was followed by a juggler who performed amazing juggling feats with a variety of objects including balls, clubs and knives.  He even cut a carrot (that was in his mouth!) in half with one of the knives whilst juggling 3 knives!!  For his finale, he balanced a large step ladder on his chin.  Finishing off the show was a lady who plays with fire (don’t try that at home!).  The children were enthralled as she rubbed flames along her skin and ate fire from her sticks.  We were all captivated by her beautiful dancing with fire poi – totally mesmerising!  The children had a wonderful time and we hope that this will add to their fantastic memories of their time at the Pegasus Academy.


Published on 15th July, 2021

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