19 December 2019

Term dates 2020-21

The Trust held a consultation exercise in October over some proposed changes to the term dates for the Trust in 2020-21.  Over 230 responses were received and each point made was careful considered and debated at the full meeting of Directors’ meeting which took place last Friday 13th December.  The Directors took full account of all the feedback and as a result have agreed to implement a hybrid model in 2020-21 with the good elements of each of the models presented.  This will mean that we have a one week and two day October half term (seven week days) and then break up for Christmas two days earlier than this year.  This arrangement makes the second half term of the autumn term shorter than the first and extends the Christmas break.

Directors were acutely aware that there was no one solution that would please everyone but have agreed to try this for one year and to consider its success in November 2020 before considering next year’s dates.  They were also mindful of their obligation under the new Ofsted framework to ‘… take into account the workload and well-being of their staff’ and, of course, the need to arrange the term dates in a way that is best for children’s learning.  Many thanks to all those who took part in the consultation.  Jolyon Roberts

Published on 19th December, 2019

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