04 January 2021

Teaching arrangements for remote learning

Following our news story last week we now have further information on how teaching will be organised from this Wednesday.

From tomorrow (Tuesday 5th January) we have put a sheet of suggested work onto every individual blog.  This can always be revisited if children need more work to do.

From Wednesday 6th January we will switch to our full remote teaching arrangements.  The general outline for the day will be as follows:



9:15 – 10:00AM

GoogleMeet #1. Advice on getting on to a GoogleMeet is here and the codes you will need to enter are here

This meet will be for online registration and explaining the tasks set for that day.  In most cases his will be led by your child’s own class teacher.  If a teacher is unwell we may combine classes.  Attendance at this session is mandatory and if your child has not logged in by 10:00AM then the family will be called by telephone to ensure that all is well.  3 hours of work is set for children each day and this meeting is set up so that the teacher can show the children what to do and help with any queries they may have.  Children should be fully dressed and ready to listen carefully from a quiet place in the house.

From 10:00AM (each class may be slightly different and details will be given in GoogleMeet #1 Live teaching or working from presentations that Pegasus staff have prepared.  All work for the day will be published on individual class blogs.  Some intervention groups run by Teaching Assistants may also run via GoogleMeet – details on individual blogs.
11:00AM some days Live Assembly.  Heads of School will share these times via blogs or text.  At present we can only have 100 participants in an assembly so may have to do the same assembly twice in some of our schools.
11:15 – 2:15 Children work from the work set on blogs and post photos of their work up for their class teacher and other children to see.  Don’t forget to include a break for lunch.

GoogleMeet #2.

This is a ‘let’s talk about what we’ve learned’ session where children explain the work they’ve done that day or ‘show and tell’ their work.  Teachers might then finish the day with a story or a quiz.

After 3pm If children want to continue learning they should visit our online learning page and log in to some of the activities provided there

Chromebook Loans

We are able to offer loans of Chromebooks to those who do not have access to hardware at home or those where multiple children are having to share one machine.  Please contact your child’s Head of School to make a request for a Chromebook loan.  These machines cannot be used for general web browsing and will not operate social media sites.  They are heavily monitored and restricted for the safety of the children.  Parents and Carers will be required to sign an agreement stating their responsibilities before any loan is made.

We very much appreciate the many expressions of goodwill that we have had from parents about this latest lockdown.  Your support is very much appreciated as schools are being placed in a very difficult situation and we also have a number of staff who are unwell at present.  Hopefully as vaccines become available the situation will improve but for now the safest thing is for as little mixing as possible and for children and staff to work from home.  Thank you for your understanding.

Jolyon Roberts

Executive Headteacher

Published on 4th January, 2021

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